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File:Swami Vivekananda at Parliament of Religions.jpg|thumb|right|At the Parliament of World Religions, Chicago, Sept. 1893.
From left to right: Virchand Gandhi, Anagarika Dharmapala, Swami Vivekananda, and '''A. G. Bonet-Maury'''.
'''Amy Gaston Charles Auguste Bonet-Maury''' (2 January 1842, Paris – 20 June 1919, Paris) was a French Protestant historian.[ Schaff bio] He studied at the University of Strassburg, graduating 1867, then was a Protestant pastor at Dordrecht, 1869–1872; followed by Beauvais, 1872–1876, and Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis|St. Denis, 1877. He then became lecturer, then professor of church history at the newly opened Protestant Faculty of Theology in Paris in the buildings of the Collège Rollin. He was fluent in English and maintained cordial links with the British & Foreign Unitarian...
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